The Sessions-a LIVE re-staging of The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road was more than just a recording studio for The Beatles. Paul called it their monastery, that’s why they named an album after it. THE SESSIONS is a once-in-a-lifetime backstage pass to a magical moment in history. Each song – from the first recording to the last – is played exactly as it was recorded. For the first time in a generation, all instrumentation, arrangements and vocals are identical to the original recordings – the closest thing to actually being in the studio with John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Overseen by the legendary recording engineer Geoff Emerick, authentic sounds are blended with an immersive environment. The original studio has been meticulously restored while the singularity of each album is captured through unique choreography. Dazzling cinematic effects take you on a journey from early Liverpool to swinging London and the phenomenon of Beatlemania.

This is more than a Tribute – this is a portal to music history – telling the Beatles story like you’ve never heard before…

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Concert Experience



What would it feel like to be at a Beatles recording session?


Most of us never had that opportunity, in fact, only a handful were there – but now we can take audiences closer than ever before to the “experience” of watching how the world’s most famous recording sessions may have unfolded…

‘THE SESSIONS’ is a new, LIVE re-staging and re-imagining of the legendary Beatles studio sessions – presented in-the-round, in a stylized set of Abbey Road Studio 2, and taking the audience on a musical journey spanning from 1962 to 1969 – from the first recording of ‘Love Me Do’ to ‘The End’ – capturing the full-circle of recordings, with each album represented by the most progressive recordings of the time, the “firsts” and the hits, all re-created remarkably by our young singers, band and orchestra.

This show is like a ‘recording session in progress’ – the light goes on, and ‘THE SESSIONS’ comes to life with a re-staging of the original studio equipment; the sound baffles, the boom mics and the instruments used for these historic recordings. The show will feature the ‘evolution’ of the recordings, with a musical ensemble of 39 musicians and 8 singers who cover the main and multiple vocal overdubs. All instrumentation, arrangements and harmonies will be performed identically to the original recordings – including the guitars, amps, microphones, orchestral instruments – just as if we were watching and listening to The Beatles ‘record’ and ‘play’ LIVE their greatest songs in a concert setting.

THS IS NOT A LOOK-A-LIKE SHOW – but it’s the closest ‘sound-a-like” possible. We feature the finest musicians to play every part, and the best Beatles vocalists in the world, all hand-picked by the producers and Geoff Emerick.

For the first time, the audience could go on a FANTASY to become a “fly-on-the-wall” to musical history. This tour-de-force constantly evolves, from one era to the next – the performance virtually becoming a “technical ballet”, changing from scene-to-scene, with a constant flow of movement, all beautifully choreographed to position instruments and equipment for each segment – all replicating the original studio layout plans. We even have our techs in EMI “Lab Coats” to change the equipment!

A once-in-a-lifetime visual experience which blends together the famous music with a fascinating multi-media presentation including; newsreel footage, iconic images of early Liverpool days, swinging London, Carnaby Street fashions, Psychodelia, and of course, THE FANS. The stage will be filled with projection screens and cameras working ‘interactively’ to capture the live performances.

It’s been over 50 years since the Beatles began their famous recording sessions, with the effect of their collaboration still reverberating. Together, they took music from the formula pop sound of the early 1960’s to the full-bodied, innovative sounds that set the standard for all future recordings. The world would agree, The Beatles were the most groundbreaking and progressive band of our time. Their trademark melodies, lyrics and arrangements will stand the test of time, now and forever…

’THE SESSIONS’ honors this legacy, this greatness, this genius, with this new ‘musical documentary’ – giving audiences an honest, respectful and accurate re-creation of how musical history may have been made.

We think this is the future of Beatle shows – for many years to come – a brilliant night out and possible show for your family (and the Millennials would LOVE to know how it was done back then !!)

See you at the stage door – enjoy !